The recent research in Entrepreneur magazine shows that the franchising sector is constantly growing and its contribution is directly making a positive impact on the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 9.7% to 1.33%. 

– Ideally, you should make your investment which makes you feel proud to represent it. The educational business franchisees are one of the fastest-growing in the 21st century as we are preparing our young generation with the best robotics and coding education. 

– Many investors who have purchased Robotics education franchisees and after school kids scientists franchisees say that they achieved tremendous satisfaction to drive the robotics, coding, and STEAM education with the latest tools supported by Junior engineers franchisees, in addition to that the well-defined curriculum is very helpful to prepare our young minds for the future.  

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should start a robotics franchise

1. Fastest growth in the education sector

 – STEAM education is now one of the pioneers of a child’s education system and the parents and government are constantly supporting STEAM education which has the capability to provide overall growth to our young minds. In this way, we all know in 2020, we got tremendous growth to provide coding in classes, Robotics education, and STEAM education.

2. High rate of sustainability, especially in the recession period 

– A report in Entrepreneur magazine shows that the education industry is one of the “recession-proof” industry which grown a lot during the pandemic time. 

– The beauty of the education business franchise is that it is completely flexible in both the modes online and offline. So there are very rare and fewer chances to pause your business. 

3. Affordable to educational organizations and to the parents

– The STEAM education has a very huge variety of franchises like Kids scientists franchise, Coding Franchise, Robotics Franchise, Engineering projects franchise, and a lot more which is fully customized, and as an investor, you can pick up the best modules as per your student requirements. 

– All the module franchises and modules are affordable to all sectors because of their wide variety of products and different platforms.  

4. High sustainability rate for your business 

– The robotics franchise and educational business franchises have continues technology development. There are continuous technology and educational tools development is happening world-wide which is making the curriculum more interesting and kids friendly. The upcoming technologies and education tools are compatible for all grade students. So you will be having a wide range of products to launch for your business. 

5. No need for back-end knowledge or prior knowledge 

– To start your own educational business, there is no need to have any prior knowledge in this sector, because as you own an educational franchise or Coding franchise the complete support will be provided by the Junior engineers, In addition to that we also provide the business plan for your growth and will provide constant support to sustain and grow your business.    

6. High rate of profit 

– The Robotics franchise is available at a very reasonable investment were you required to add some one-time investment to provide the best experience to your students. 

– After the completion of setup, the flow will become a cycle and routine for you, which you can run and utilize for a wide range of students. So there will be a one-time investment and the profit you will generate by using it in the continuous routine cycle.

   7. Guarantee a high success rate 

– The education sector is growing at a very high rate and the technologies and tools are developing worldwide. Due to continuous development in the education sector, you will be getting constant support and opportunities to grow your business.  

8. Robotics Franchise is one of the pioneers for all schools 

– As per the new education policy from the government of INDIA, coding is going to be taught in every school from grade 6 onwards and also it states that the practical hands-on, Robotics classes and Coding classes are going to become part of daily education. 

– In such cases, you will be getting a wide-range of schools that need support systems especially for the STEAM robotics franchise which includes Robotics classes and Coding classes for students. 

– As a high demand from various schools, it will be a golden opportunity for you to tie-up with various schools and get mass student strength. 

 9. Students all time favorite branch 

 – As we know our young engineers are always want to stay connected with technologies and want to do experience with top-notch technologies like Robotics.

– Robotics and coding are always popular among kids and always want to join various courses to have hands-on experience. So your investment for kids is going to be always popular and the first choice from the student side. 

 10. High appreciation and engagement from the parent side

– Parents always want to give the best experience to their child and especially in education. Robotics and coding are some of the most satisfying activities for parents because it depends on current technologies. 

– As per the last year all the robotics and coding platforms got a high responses from parents. 

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