Why Future Jobs Will Not Be What It Is Today

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The world is growing at the speed of light. All the technologies are changing our life and making it more comfortable, easy and productive. At this time as we all can see we are transferring almost everything to online, starting from shopping, online education, online payment transfer, and online video calls and meetings. These all services are making our life easier, better and smarter, where we can invest our valuable time to increase the quality of service. Also, we have created an industrial revolution where we have added industrial robotics to achieve high production and high accuracy in the production.

The technology is spreading in almost every area and place right beginning from household to industrial revolution. So, we can see everything is involved and controlled through various robotics machines and complex programming algorithms, where engineers are creating high tech robots, machines, and technologies that help to achieve the desired output in a short time with less effort.

So, we can see technology is also taking part in all job roles like working in the industry, banking, online commercial business, traveling, and online payment methods. Previously, all the tasks were 90% manual and 10% automatic, but nowadays due to technological revolution through robotics training and coding, all the works have been converted into 90% automatic and 10% manually and supervision based.

By considering the industrial revolution, we have to train our young generation to cope-up with technology and jobs based on technology, where they must acquire proper robotics training and coding knowledge. So, as per the future requirement, it is mandatory to train our children toward technology and robotics education through coding classes and robotics training because the job requirement in the future is going to change and students must have the required knowledge of technology to get their dream job. In the future, we don’t require hard workers instead we require smart workers who have the capability to handle multiple technical stuff. As per the recent survey on job roles, we found that the requirement of jobs in the future is going to change where you must have technical abilities to achieve success in your job role.

So, it is most important for us to focus on our young generation’s education and we can build these qualities in the minds exponentially by giving them exposure in the coding classes and robotics training.

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