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3d Printing Programs for Kids

All of us know that globalization gives birth to innovation and talent, more importantly. The country's economy, technology and culture need to be driven by innovation, which makes our moral responsibility to promote STEAM education to a strategic. The research team says that the course of 3D printing as well as innovative education integration analysis, on the other hand, can provide a platform for the implementation of STEAM education so that it can be executed in a planned and systematic way.

In 3D printing classes for kids, we have an objective to encourage kids to think of innovative and creative models in order to improve society development. We approach PBL (Project Based Learning), based learning so that we can build a strong connection between the kids and the learning concepts. In this manner, the child will go through one real-world example and will be asked to think about the necessary development required thereby having hands-on experience that enhances his creativity and problem solving skills. In this way, they will start thinking their own hypothetical imaginary world and after the required brainstorming on the project idea, we will be able to develop the virtual model (3D printed model) to analyze the solution and test the solution. By working upon this type of approach, kids have been observed to improve their logical thinking and Problem solving skills.

i3D printing's curriculum development team that is responsible for 3d printing summer camps, developed exclusive 3D printing course module, which defines and ensure the overall development of child in the field of Innovation, Problem solving, Critical thinking, Teamwork and the most important creativity

By introducing i3D printing, kids interest level will increase toward the Problem based learning and it also unlock many features like:

Improves students active participation :

  • 3D printing lets students to illustrate hands-on model implementation and enhance engagement through interactive learning.

Promotes active learning :

  • 3D printing is not similar to our traditional subjects, it offers real-world project development.

Encourages creative thinking :

  • We provides new test models and technical challenges for kids to think creatively, which can aid the learning process. 3D printers encourage their idea through trial and error.

Challenge based Learning(CBL) :

  • This technique will put them into a real-world problem scenario, which makes them to understand the situation and can feel the challenges faced by society. And as result, the kids will take responsibility to solve the problem.

Learning outcomes

3D print Learning outcomes
Creative thinking
3D print Learning outcomes
Problem solving skills
3D print Learning outcomes
3D print Learning outcomes
Critical thinking
3D print Learning outcomes
Team collaboration
3D print Learning outcomes
3D modelling
3D print Learning outcomes
3D printing
3D print Learning outcomes
Real world model design
3D print Learning outcomes
2D and 3D designing

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