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Robotics Programs For Kids

iRobo, which is specifically a term used for robotics classes for kids has been specially designed for all the lovers of Robotics out there. Ever since we have come to know about this STEAM robotics for kids, terms like robotics and electronics have already taken a prime attraction in the practice of STEAM education. It is already very easy for an individual to say that Robotics is one of the best fields in comparison to Modern Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics.

The module on lego Robotics for kids that have been designed under the name of iRobo is specifically known for the innovative approach that they have used for the application of Electronics that a student generally studies in elementary level or high-level school education. This way, many students are found who are coming up with various innovative solutions in the field of robotics.

Working at a lab that is specifically provided for robotics will provide kids and experience to do the task that is fundamental in understanding the scientific as well as the mathematical concepts which play a major role in the building of Robotics projects.

According to the advancements that have been made to enhance STEAM robotics for technology lovers, we at Junior Engineers provide robotic franchises all over the country robotics training for kids. Adding more to the information, we provide the best quality and highly recommended technical curriculum with the best training that deals with robotics. The main motive of such training is to boost up the important principle of Robotics so that the kids come up with flying colors in the field of STEAM robotics. It can be clearly observed that a greater impact on various state kids has been made as they understand the technical skills through the classes that teach robotics.

Robotics allows all the kids to learn how to design and program the machine that it works as per the instructions given with respect to the programming of the machine. In order to get everything perfect in working, we need to plan such a curriculum that is highly interdisciplinary and interactive by which the student can go through a series of charge that was based on learning by doing.

iRobo also provides a platform to the tech junkies to enhance their scientific skills where they can learn and enrich themselves with the skill set that goes perfectly with the 21st century also they enhance their Robotics knowledge already.

In the module that is associated with iRobo, the kids are made to learn as well as to design the thinking process and logical thinking. The kids will get an opportunity to explore the different types of sensors and actuators also had an opportunity to explore the basic construction concepts of a robot and its movement.

Learning outcomes

iRobo Learning outcomes
Robotics concept
iRobo Learning outcomes
Programming logic
iRobo Learning outcomes
Problem solving skills
iRobo Learning outcomes
Team work activities
iRobo Learning outcomes
Collaborative work
iRobo Learning outcomes
Analyzing and interpreting data
iRobo Learning outcomes
Asking questions and defining problems
iRobo Learning outcomes
Constructing explanation and designing solutions
iRobo Learning outcomes
Developing using models

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