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About Us

About Us

Junior Engineers (Engineering for kids) is an organisation specialising in Robotics education, aiming to provide the latest in Robotics education. Our objective is to introduce Junior Engineers programs to students in Schools, education centres and institutes in a fun, practical and scientific way. We follow a well-organized session plan and have a world class curriculum in a systematic way. This not only encourages children to be more hands on – mind on, but also promotes practical learning of STEAM Education through Robotics.

Yes, we make young engineers through edutainment. Junior Engineers is a leader in child education. In modern competitive world, the key for success in life is to have little extra in terms of resources that is in case of students, a little extra knowledge. Our expertise is in educating children those essential skills that they don't learn in school within their regular curriculum. After running Abacus, Vedic Maths, Mid Brain Activation programs successfully, Junior Engineers is proudly announcing its latest program in collaboration with American giant in innovative learning, our team of experts has made different learning programs with the help of parts that stimulate young minds to learn basic principles of engineering.

  • We are Delhi based fastest growing company who is providing robotics classes for kids through robotics franchise network
  • 14000 + students have taken part in our various programs in the last three years, currently we have more than 5000+ kids enrolled
  • 70 Technically qualified instructors & staff
  • 8: 1 Student teacher Ratio
  • We are conducting Internal State-Level and National Level Competition every year
  • International Education Partners from USA, Germany, South Korea, Singapore and China provide current updates on latest STEAM developments across the world.

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