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Construction Programs For Kids

We, wholeheartedly welcome you to the page of iConstruct. We generally get fascinated to see all the civil construction work like the building of our homes, buildings and bridges. The main objective of Junior Engineers is to encourage the students and inculcate in them the sense of teamwork by giving them projects to design various models like towers, buildings, factories, homes and many more through Lego classes for kids. Iconstruct is responsible for creating a unique set of STEAM Curriculum with a foundation that is solid enough in providing quality education in civil structure concepts and involving construction programs for kids in the same.

The module that is designed by iConstruct team aims to flex the mental muscles and set the mind And other cognitive parts to work. All of these parts combined together to work as a function for promoting development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills and reasoning skills. Our modules associated with iconstruct have an aim to refine kids' imagination skills and innovative thinking.

Countless civil models are presented before us and even all around us that motivates children from all age groups in this direction and there by it has become a bridge between the kids creativity and imagination. The connection between the two provides conceptual knowledge to the kids and thus helps the students in strong formation of concepts.

Experience is provided to the kids to work on various models like building, bridge and house construction which increases their interest towards civil engineering. The classrooms that are associated with iConstruct aim to assist the kids in exploring and learning new concepts of geometry, Physics and Mathematics and the level of education ranges from elementary to high school kids.

It is considered to be a fun way of conveying productive lectures to the kids who already show certain interest in maths, science construction and Engineering. The module is supposed to contain various models that are associated with the real world through which kids learn various concepts linked with civil engineering and all the parameters which are currently used by the engineers in the field are also covered in the curriculum. All the Civil parameters and most important basic fundamental physics behind model construction is kept in mind while constructing the models of iconstruct that the kids would learn in the future. As far as the thought of building blocks is concerned, the first thought that comes into the mind is when we imagine a preschooler takes hours of fun combining those blocks and building towers. At Junior Engineers when we consider building the blocks we indirectly focus on enhancing the skill of logical thinking and there by we motivate the students to boost up their thinking abilities by building STEAM structure. Next time whenever you make up your mind to learn lego robotics all you need to surf is lego robotics classes near me and you will be directly driven to the page of Junior Engineers.

Learning outcomes

iconstruct Learning outcomes
STEAM structure education
iconstruct Learning outcomes
Real-world model STEAM building
iconstruct Learning outcomes
Fundamental physics behind the model construction
iconstruct Learning outcomes
Enhance design thinking process
iconstruct Learning outcomes
Increase problem solving skills
iconstruct Learning outcomes
Learn Civil engineering building concepts
iconstruct Learning outcomes
Improve team work
iconstruct Learning outcomes
Collaborative work approach

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