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After-School Activities

After-School Activities

If we talk about the centers that provide the most engaging and interesting activities, Junior Engineers lead the race. From providing the students with best opportunities to have hands-on experience to having research on a project and pursuing an interest in all the possible ways which are not present in the school. It is an inspiration to a child when he knows that he has an added advantage over his classmates to attain all the required skills to complete a project or even lead a new one. A wide range of after school activities for kids is offered by Junior Engineers to all the students associated with it who learn about science and technology. The main objective of the classes, workshops or camps or after school robotics classes for kids is to make the children experience and master all the new technologies. The instructors at Junior Engineers teach them the basics of computer science, coding, video making, animations, concepts of construction robotics, electronics and a number of other science-related subjects in a fun, related environment.These courses excel in coding and robotics for kids and engineering programs for kids and are worth attending.

Reasons for choosing Junior Engineers After-school programs

  • It is a proven program that is spread in over 120 schools and all the centers nationwide..
  • The class size is usually small (between 8-10 students per instructor).
  • The instructors are enthusiastic, compassionate, well-trained and professional.
  • The curriculum is world-class and professionally developed.
  • Junior Engineers provide its customers a great service which makes program administration easy.
  • The provision of laptops and kits to all the students in the classroom.
  • The classes conducted are full of fun, joy and are appropriately designed for the students lying in the age group of 3 and 16 years.

Learning outcomes

After-School Activities Learning outcomes
21st century Competencies
After-School Activities Learning outcomes
Creative thinking
After-School Activities Learning outcomes
Problem solving
After-School Activities Learning outcomes
Team work
After-School Activities Learning outcomes
Essential STEAM skills

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