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Engineering Programs For Kids

The program of iEngineer aims to nurture the kids into an in-progress engineer or you can say engineer in making. The module of iEngineer allows all the kids associated with this program to demonstrate the real-world mechanical models and also it provides a hands-on experience to the students to explore the world of mechanical machines which is based on simple power machines.

These machines are the devices with very few or no moving parts that make the manual work easier and faster. They are designed in order to multiply or reduce force, increase or decrease the speed and also to convert one type of motion to another.

Students are made familiar with six types of simple machines which are listed as the wedge, wheel and axle, lever, inclined plane, screw, and pulley. Moreover, engineering programs for kids are made to explore the power machines. During the time of activity, The kids are more likely to gain high-level knowledge of tools that have been used since ancient times, and such technology is still used in certain experiments.

In the module associated with iEngineer, the kids are exposed to do the experiments on simple machines as well as some power machines, and they are assessed based on their work and ability to do the task. By being exposed to the mechanical machine models, the kids will automatically start thinking out of the box and it indirectly enhances the observation when they connect the live examples of day-to-day life like a crane, a car, a pulley, and many more.

. the model of simple machines is based on gears, speed motion, and pulley. It is considered to be the key to mechanical engineering and also the conceptualization of simple machines. Also, it is taken into regard as one of the pioneer bases of logical thinking. With the experience of working on simple machines, the kids will be experiencing the challenges that are faced by our highly qualified engineers and after the observation and analysis concerning the problem, it will inculcate the problem-solving skill as they learn through the errors.

The modern world of technology is rich in all the possible examples of complex machines whose working is seldom understood. students are more likely to use the word machine to describe the complex mechanical devices that are powered by an engine or electric motor. Such devices are designed to perform useful labor-saving tasks. Students have a belief that all Machines produce much more work than human operators which implies that machine work is way more efficient and faster as compared to manual work. for example chainsaws, electric power tools, and Hydraulic excavators are used to improve the performance of manual work.

Learning outcomes

iEngineer Learning outcomes
Understand what a simple machine is and how it would help an engineer to build something.
iEngineer Learning outcomes
World of simple power machine
icon images
Fundamental knowledge of simple power machine
iEngineer Learning outcomes
Understand how physical principles used by engineer
iEngineer Learning outcomes
Motion and power
iEngineer Learning outcomes
Innovative approach
iEngineer Learning outcomes
Team building
iEngineer Learning outcomes
Logical thinking
iEngineer Learning outcomes
Conceptual knowledge
iEngineer Learning outcomes
Problem solving skills

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