A perfect guide to Robotics Engineering

Junior Engineers, a term widely used to describe programs for child-oriented and quality programs. The school is run by 117 young dynamic people who are like-minded. It has 90 branches spread all over the country. Talking about the expertise, we excel in delivering the essential values that students don’t tend to inherit from their schools. Accomplished with various resources, Junior Engineers sets a great example that in this environment full of competitions, a child must be armed with certain extra qualifications that help it stand out of the box, always.


Keeping it quite precise, we at Junior Engineers aim at providing our students an opportunity to learn S.T.E.A.M., which is making education practical and fun. In this modern era, children are quite curious about the logic behind certain things which makes it need of the hour to transform education into a practical platform where a child can easily find a reason behind every particular action of his, valuable. The pandemic situation has compelled us to bring everything online, thereby focusing on the IT sector majorly. Coding enables each and every student to learn a lot about this particular sector. Earlier, students used to learn this skill after schooling, but now if a child knows coding at a very young age, he stands out already. Robotics is one such dimension where children get amused by creativity and design. Anyone with a technical mindset would prefer learning the anatomy of a robot. That is why the Robotics franchise comes from.


Robotics is the future to various other dimensions as well. It ensures that a child inherits certain skills like programming, critical thinking, logical thinking, enhancement in their cognition and problem-solving. ROBOTICS FRANCHISE enables students to learn what a robot can do and what he cannot. This gives rise to the inquisition in them about the failures. The students willingly try to find the root cause of what is going wrong. Robotics teaches the students the value of precise instructions. The stream also explains the importance of various other streams like engineering, science, mathematics, and similar other dimensions that are taught in school.   

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