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Recent years of the human era have shown massive Robotics and AI achievements and promises much greater development plans soon. It becomes mandatory for industrial leaders and workers to study this new emerging aspect of technological advancement with so much importance given.

But when should be the perfect time for us to inculcate this as a subject in our curriculum. The times are changing faster than ever making the education system run for changes.

Learning Robotics in early stages of your educational career will definitely give a boom to your profile and make you market ready as you emerge out into the world.

STEM: Science, technology, engineering, AND math? That’s a lot of complex material to cram into one acronym. Fortunately for young learners, robotics makes STEM simple and fun to learn., If you are looking to learn STEM then robotics is the way

Learning Robotics

It has become imperative the importance of robotics and its influence on us, but with a plethora of resources and excessive material available online we become dubious on what to leave what to lean and how to learn. This is where Junior engineers come in. we have prepared Robotics course handcrafted by experts in the field giving detailed and necessary knowledge to learners infused with practical learning and hands on experience.

At junior engineers you get the perfect blend of theory and practical education keeping in mind the existing curriculum required

Educational robotics strengthen and support students’ skills developing their knowledge through the creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots. Children and young students find it funny and engaging because they feel free to interact directly with both electrical and mechanical processes and procedures.

In fact, the programming can be too difficult and boring when learned through the “traditional” abstract method. On the contrary, by having to control a physical robot and seeing what goes wrong, students learn what robots can and can’t do with an immediate experience and understanding.

Robotics Franchise

Junior engineers overtime has developed a great network of Robotics Franchise, Blending STEM and robotics in a beautiful pattern and offering a continuous course for students where they can learn and enjoy the benefits of Robotics learning. Enrolling into the courses will enable your child to stay at power with the world and learn from the best, Thus securing their future and a promise of a better one.  

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